CIU Partnership Opportunities

Grow Your Professional Skills at CIU

CIU’s partnership programs make it easy for you to get a world-class education and achieve your goals through on-campus and online degree programs.

Benefits to Employers

  • Access to special tuition discount rate only available to CIU partners and constituents
  • Strengthen and grow your company’s most important resource by promoting the educational and professional development of your employees
  • Increase employee satisfaction and improve organizational retention by meeting needs of employees and their families

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Benefits to Students

  • $500 discount per semester for full-time studies and $250 discount per semester for part-time studies for graduate and undergraduate students who are degree-seeking
  • $250 discount per semester only for doctoral level students who are degree seeking
  • Develop your skills and improve your career opportunities
  • Flexible online or residential format to work and pursue your educational goals
  • Books are included in tuition and delivered to your doorstep
  • Flexible credit transfer options for previous schooling

Who can become a CIU Partner?

  • Churches: Church members need a written statement from pastor or church leader
  • Schools/Gap Year Programs: Graduate and full-time employees of partnering institution
  • Business/Mission Organizations: Full-time employees, spouse, and dependents of employees

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Our Partners


Church members as indicated by written statement from pastor or church leader.

Schools/Gap Years

Graduates and full-time employees of partnering institution.

Business/Mission Organizations

Full-time employees, spouse, and dependents of employee.